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Collagen Casing For Fresh Sausage

Brand : Crown-Casing

Product code : Crown-SG

Delivery time : 2 weeks

Supply capacity : 100mts

Product Description:

Crown collagen casings are made from high quality collagen fibers and soya protein.The casings are produced with machines imported from Germany,Poland and our patented technology.

Crown collagen casings can offer outstanding performance to the sausage manufacturers in terms of consistency,linking performance ,appearance,cooking performance and bite quality.The casings are available in a large range of calibers ,from 15mm-50mm,in clear,onion,caramel,dark caramel and smoked colors etc.

Crown-SG  is an imitation of natural sheep casing, this product has good biting quality and suitable for high-temperature cooking,smoking,water boiling and deep oil frying, CrownSG can stand high temperature over 180C in deep oil frying.

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